Taiwan: Night Markets and Mountain Majesties

Taiwan, an island nation off the southeastern coast of China, is a blend of indigenous cultures, Chinese heritage, and modern innovation. Its verdant mountains, bustling night markets, and historic temples make it a destination of discovery and delight.

Taipei, the vibrant capital, combines the ancient and the contemporary. The majestic Taipei 101 skyscraper, once the tallest in the world, dominates the skyline, while the historic Longshan Temple is a testament to the city’s spiritual side. The bustling streets of Ximending and the tranquil trails of Yangmingshan National Park highlight Taipei’s diverse offerings.

Beyond the cities, the Taroko Gorge’s marble cliffs and the tranquil Sun Moon Lake offer natural splendors. The old town of Tainan, with its historic forts and temples, captures the essence of Taiwan’s rich history.

Taiwan is a sensory journey from the rhythmic beats of traditional drumming to the culinary delights of bubble tea and beef noodle soup. Its festivals, from the Lantern Festival to the Dragon Boat races, showcase its cultural depth and vibrancy, making it a gem in East Asia.

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