Romania: Castles and Legends in the Carpathian Garden

Romania, a land of medieval castles and misty mountains, tells a story of a rich cultural heritage shaped by diverse influences. Its capital, Bucharest, blends grand communist-era architecture with charming Belle Époque buildings, offering a complex yet captivating urban landscape.

Transylvania, the heart of Romanian legend, is home to the iconic Bran Castle, often associated with the Dracula mythos, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains. The region is known for its Saxon villages, like Sighișoara, colorful houses, and fortified churches.

Romanian cuisine is a hearty mix of Balkan and Eastern European flavors, featuring dishes like mămăligă and sarmale that are staples in every household. The country’s folk traditions, from vibrant handicrafts to lively dances, are proudly preserved and celebrated in festivals yearly.

Romania’s natural landscapes, including the Danube Delta and the ancient forests of the Carpathians, offer a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. With their stunning frescoes, the painted monasteries of Bucovina stand as a testament to Romania’s artistic and spiritual history.

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