David Zacik – founder, editor, author

Hello, fellow travelers! My name is David Zacik, a seasoned online entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building internet projects. Since 2010, I have successfully established several coupon websites such as Kuponovnik.sk, Kuponovnik.cz, Kuponkozmosz.hu, and Coupodo.com. This journey across digital platforms has not only sharpened my entrepreneurial skills but also fueled my passion for creating useful spaces that serve a larger audience.

But my adventures aren’t confined to the digital world alone. My greatest passion lies in traveling, having explored the depths and heights of over 30 countries, primarily located within Europe and its surrounding regions. This love for travel led me to the inception of MyTravelation.com in March 2023, a platform dedicated to providing valuable information about various travel destinations.

Currently, many of the articles are based on in-depth internet research, but I am working tirelessly to imbue these articles with more of my personal travel experiences. My mission is to transform MyTravelation.com into a rich tapestry of stories and practical advice for all those bitten by the wanderlust bug. Join me in this journey and let’s explore the world together!

David Zacik - View from Agadir Oufella in Morocco
View from Agadir Oufella in Morocco (2022)
David Zacik - Sharm El Sheikh Safari in Egypt
Sharm El Sheikh Safari in Egypt (2022)
David Zacik - Western Wall in Jerusalem
Western Wall in Jerusalem (2023)

Karina Ovcsaruk – author, video editor, ukrainian translator

Karina Ovcsaruk, a copywriter for MyTravelation.com, hails from Uzhhorod, Ukraine. With a passion for exploration, she has traveled through approximately 30 countries, documenting her experiences. In addition to writing, Karina is also a talented video editor for YouTube.

Karina Ovcsaruk
Hills in Aqaba, Jordan (2021)
Karina Ovcsaruk
Sunset in Sardinia (2022)
Karina Ovcsaruk
Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel (2023)